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What is API?


 API - classifications for gas engines 

SB low strain
SC motors construction year 1964 to 1971
SD motors construction year 1968 to 1971
SE motors from construction year 1972 stop and go-running
SF motors from construction year 1981 für extended oil changes
SG improved oxidation stability and motor cleanliness / 1988
SH meets higher demands at evaporation loss, filterability, foam behaviour and flash point / 1993
SJ improved cold start compatibility, extended oil changes
SL improved power efficiency, valid from 7/2001


 API - classifications for diesel engines 

CAlow strain
CBmoderatly strain
CClight layed up diesel engines
CDhigh layed up diesel engines
CD-Plushigh layed up diesel engines (amplified norm)
CESHPD diesel engine oil for layed up diesel engines (conditioned for gas engines)
CF-4specification for fast-running  4 and 6 cylinder diesel engines. Complements the specification CE in  oil consumption and piston cleanliness
CG-4specification for highly-stressed vehicle motors
CH-4specification for highly-stressed vehicle motors, meets Euro 3

 API - classifications for gear oils 

API-classMIL-specificationOperating field / Operating conditionsManufacturers regulations (examples)
GL1-low-stressed grearboxesVolvo-Nkw
GL2-industry-/worm gear 
GL3-normal stressed gearboxesFiat
GL4MIL-L-2105highly stressed gearboxes,
low stressed hypoid gearing
MAN 341
MB Blatt 235.1
GL5MIL-L-2105 B
MIL-L-2105 C
MIL-L-2105 D
highly-stressed hypoid gearbing, gearboxesif mandatory / approvedMAN 342
MB Blatt 235.0
MT-1MIL-PRF-2105Eunsynchronuous gearboxes in American NkwEaton, Fuller


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