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Antifreeze ANF 2270

Special frost protection for radiators concentrate colour: blue/green
Customs number: 38200000
Catalog page KC/WI/-/-


Antifreeze ANF 2270 is based on a mono-ethylene-glycol concentrate. It is a special frost protection for radiators running in summer and wintertime with permanent frost and rust protection (for all-season use).
Antifreeze ANF 2270, the special top performance corrosion and rost protection (with intensified corrosion protection) for motor and radiator system correspond to the demands state-of-the-art developement of engine-building.
Antifreeze ANF 2270 is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.


  • Powerful and long-lasting protection against corrosion for all parts of the cooling system, which consist of materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, soft solder 
  • Maintenance-free frost and overheating protection with a higher boiling point 
  • Extended coolant life 
  • Avoidance of cavitation damages, such as on the collant pump 
  • Compatibility with varnishes 
  • Compatibility with hose and sealing materials 
  • Avoidance of sediments, which can cause radiator plugging 
  • Avoidance of foaming 


Antifreeze ANF 2270 is excellent for aluminium-, light alloy- and cast-iron motors by use of special additives (please observe product informations).
At 33% antifreeze and Antifreeze ANF 2270, 67% water the frost protection down to -20 ° C is reached.
Recommended concentration 50% Antifreeze ANF 2270 and 50% water, with which a frost protection up to -38°C will be obtained. Antifreeze protection down to -69°C is possible with a maximum of 69% Antifreeze ANF 2270 and 31% water.

Depending on the model and the manufacturer the coolant of radiators should be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

Usable for

We recommend this product for: 
AFNOR NF-R 15-601 Type 1 
ASTM D 3306 Type I, D 4985 
BEHR (Manufacturer of radiator)   
BMW GS 94000 (N 600 69) 
BS 6580  
FIAT 9.55523 
IVECO 18-1830 
MAN 324 Type NF 
MB 325.0 
MTU MTL 5048 
NATO S-759 
PORSCHE TL-774 C (G11) 
SAE J 1034  
TOYOTA TA (Europe) 


  • Antifreeze ANF 2270 can be mixed with the most of the coolants based on ethylene glycol.
    To achieve an optimal corrosion protection and to avoid sludge formation it is recommended to use pure Antifreeze ANF 2270. For the preparation of mixtures softened water should be preferred. 

Data table

Typical characteristics: 
Specific weight at 20°C kg/m³ 1.110 - 1.145 
Flash point COC °C >120 
Boiling point °C 174 
pH-value 7,2 
Water content 3,5 
Foam behaviour corresponds 
Pour point antifreeze/water=1:1°C -38/-40 
Colour blue/green 
Ethylene glycol 93,5 
Content of inhibitors 5,4 
Ash content 1,3 
Reserve alkalinity (ph 5,5) 16 


Article No.: 510123
Packaging unit: Can, 1500 Milliliter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510123 - Can, 1500 Milliliter
Article No.: 510124
Packaging unit: Can, 5 Liter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510124 - Can, 5 Liter
Article No.: 510125
Packaging unit: Pail, 20 Liter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510125 - Pail, 20 Liter
Article No.: 510126
Packaging unit: Drum, 60 Liter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510126 - Drum, 60 Liter
Article No.: 510128
Packaging unit: Drum, 200 Liter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510128 - Drum, 200 Liter
Article No.: 510129
Packaging unit: PE-Container, 1000 Liter
Antifreeze ANF 2270 - 510129 - PE-Container, 1000 Liter

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